Première Assemblée Générale de l'Association des Amis de l'Abbatiale de Redon, en Bretagne Actualities

1st General Assembly of “The friends of the Abbey…

This Saturday, September 19, 2020, during the European Heritage Days weekend, our first General Assembly was held.

It was an opportunity for the association to present its projects publicly to as many people as possible. The parish priest, Father Paul Habert and the deputy for Culture of the city of Redon, Mr. Marc Droguet, also present, expressed their support for the association and expressed the wish to work together on the next projects that the association will set up.

With a new Board of Directors, the association will now work actively on the realization of projects and on new ideas for the enhancement of the site of the abbey church. It is now possible to join our association on our website or by depositing or sending a check or cash to the association’s headquarters: “Les Amis de l’Abbatiale” – Presbytère Saint Conwoïon – 24 rue du Moulinet – 35600 Redon.

Thank you for your support.

“To join is to adopt it! “

Le retable de l'abbatiale Saint-Sauveur est situé dans le chœur de l'église de Redon. Actualities

First General Assembly

Following to the current context, the General Assembly of “The friends of the abbey church” could not take place at the beginning of the year. 

In order to present the association’s objectives and move forward on the various projects for the coming months, the first General Assembly of “The Friends of the Abbey church” will be held on Saturday, September 19, 2020, at 2 p.m. in the Abbey church.

The main objective of this General Assembly is to elect the office of the association and start working on the various projects. On this occasion, a promotional video will be presented to you in preview. This first meeting will take place in compliance with the health rules in force. 

Support the Abbey Church of Redon ! Offer the best for heritage !

Les vitraux de l'abbatiale Saint-Sauveur éclairent l'église paroissiale de Redon. Actualities

Creation of the association

The « Friends of the Abbey » association was created in January 2020 to raise funds for the restoration and promotion of the Saint Sauveur de Redon Abbey.

A first informal meeting took place last January bringing together around twenty people with expertise and interest in this project.

Since then, following announcements made by the Town Hall of Redon concerning a restoration project, the office met with the mayor and his director of technical services in order to find out the nature of the work and the budgets allocated. On this occasion, we made the association known in order to offer our support in raising funds and promoting the abbey.

The health crisis, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, put our actions on hold but the teams continue to work to propose an action program during its General Assembly which will take place as soon aspossible.

If you would like to help the Saint Sauveur Abbey, do not hesitate to join the association.

L'église abbatiale de Saint-Sauveur détient deux clochers, roman et gothique. Actualities

The association on social networks

In order to gain visibility and highlight the Saint-Sauveur abbey, the association is present on social networks Facebook and Instagram. Do not hesitate to like and share publications to discover our association and the restoration of the Saint-Sauveur abbey church in Redon.

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